Looking for the Right Preschool? 3 Questions You Should First Ask Yourself

One of the most difficult times for working mothers is when the maternity leave ends, and they have to go back to work. Being separated from your child after spending most of their early life with them at home can be very stressful. When this separation is not properly managed, it even creates separation anxiety. To alleviate this stress, you need to ensure that your child is in the best hands. This is why so many parents spend endless hours online and look at newspaper advertisements, trying to find the perfect preschool for their little one.

If you are searching for the best one, here are three critical questions to ask yourself so you can find the best preschool for your child.

Who Is the Centre of Attention?

Not many people understand that formal education is less than several centuries old. This means that most of the early learning systems are still largely experimental. A lot of the methods, which have been used in the past, simply teach children how to remember things for the sake of passing the exams.

However, people who are interested in the psychological development of the child are adopting tried-and-tested educational models, such as preschools. Here, the centre of attention in the learning process is the child. The teacher fades into the background, and the child is given the tools to explore and teach themselves what they want to learn. 

When you go to check out an early childhood educational centre, ask about their teaching methods. If possible, observe a session in progress and see how the kids interact with the caretakers.

Are the Caregivers Empathetic?

The people hired to take care of the children in the centre are going to replace you as the primary caregiver. If there are attitudes that you would not want to be passed on to your child, you need to vet the caregiver. Take time with them and figure out how well they understand early childhood psychology and education. This will either make or break your child.

What Is the Condition of the Environment?

First, the environment needs to be baby-safe, especially if you are leaving a little toddler there. Check whether they have baby-proofed the place to acceptable standards. Also, it should have stimulating activities that will encourage your child to learn.

The above questions help you understand the qualities that separate excellent childcare centres from the rest. Take time and choose the best preschools as it will determine how well your child is moulded in their formative years.