4 Simple Ways To Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten

Joining kindergarten is a big deal for your child. They are officially introduced to the world of formal schooling, so this is the time to lay a proper foundation for their future academic success.

But as important as this time is, many kindergarteners initially struggle with the separation from their parents, challenging curriculum and long days away from home. This is why kindergarten readiness is such an important topic today. If your little one is about to enrol in kindergarten, here are four ways you can prepare them. 

Encourage Independence 

In kindergarten, teachers will introduce various activities that children are supposed to complete on their own. Encouraging your kid to be independent and to take care of themselves gives them the self-confidence and ability to handle the tasks introduced at school. 

Teach and encourage your children to perform personal activities like tying their shoes, zipping their coats, and getting dressed. Then gradually introduce simple household activities like cleaning the table after meals, cleaning the toys, and keeping things in the house organised. Of course, they might not be perfect doing all these things, but that's not the point. 

Give Your Child Ample Time to Play

While it's critical to teach your children to be independent, don't forget that they are still kids. And kids need time to play. In fact, denying them enough time to play may affect their physical development as children advance their motor skills through play. 

Moreover, as they play with other children, they learn new social skills like resolving conflicts, expressing their opinions and desires and maintaining conversations. These skills will help them interact and make new friends at the kindergarten. 

Master Basic Skills

Kindergarten is where your child develops learning habits and skills that will propel them throughout their academic life. However, wouldn't it be better if your child already had some of these skills? For example, if your kid can already hold a pencil, count to ten, draw using crayons, and use child-friendly scissors, they'll no doubt be ahead of their peers. 

Luckily, these are skills you can introduce to your kid anytime, without the need for prior planning or a special environment. Actually, learning is most effective when it's achieved in a fun and less-stressful way. Don't be too mean with the crayons. 

Meet the Teacher

If you have already decided on the kindergarten your kid will be attending, consider visiting the school before the actual reporting day. This helps your child to get a glimpse of the school environment and alleviate any fears they might have had about schooling. 

It's also a good chance for them to meet their teacher and get acquainted. As a parent, you can ask questions and seek clarifications on any issues you might have before your child begins school. 

For more information on how to prepare for kindergarten, contact a professional near you.