Hosting a Memorable and Fun Kids Birthday Party: 3 Ways to Throw a Princess-Themed Party on a Budget

Kids birthday parties are becoming more and more elaborate and extravagant. Some parents are spending an upwards of $10,000 on their kid's birthday parties; however, you really don't need to hire a party planner and to shell out that much money in order to host a memorable and fun birthday party for your kid. In particular, this article will look at the plenty of different ways that you can throw a princess-themed birthday party on a budget.

Save Money on the Venue by Hosting at Home

One of the most costly expenses of hosting a birthday party is the venue. Some venues charge exorbitant prices and also require large deposits. Others will charge you based on the amount of people that will be attending. Your kid doesn't need a luxurious venue to have a good time, and if you're trying to keep the party under a certain budget, consider hosting the party at home, You'll need to spend some time beforehand cleaning your house up and making it more kid-friendly. Remove fragile items. If you have a large yard, hosting the party outside will also reduce the amount of mess you'll have to clean up.

Skip Costly Princess Appearances for Some DIY Fun or Some Simpler Activities

Not all princess-themed parties require costly princess appearances. In fact, it's easy for the princess to lose her appeal after a while, as the kids turn their attention elsewhere. A memorable event is one that keeps the children entertained and occupied. You can easily make your kid feel like royalty with some DIY fun from a party rental store. You can purchase palace-themed equipment and decorations and have the kids make their own crowns or let them apply some makeup on each other. You'd be surprised at how little it takes to keep children occupied and entertained. You could even rent a projector and play princess-themed movies.

Ball Out on Cupcakes Instead of a Cake

Another great way to save some money is to ball out on cupcakes instead of a cake. The other parents will thank you too, as you'll be able to easily limit the amount of sugar that the kids are ingesting. You can make the cupcakes at home or purchase plain cupcakes at a bakery and decorate them yourself using icing and other fun decorations like a themed topper. 


You can easily host a memorable and fun kids birthday party for your child without having to shell out a ton of money. The amount of effort and time that you put into making the party special will show, and your kid and their friends will have an equally great time celebrating.