Keeping Your Child Cool at Daycare: 3 Top Tips

When you have to say goodbye to your child and pack them off to the daycare centre, you might start to worry about all kinds of things. One thing which may play on your mind is that your child will stay cool. Australian summers can be extremely hot, which means that your child may be at risk of overheating or sunstroke. While the staff at a daycare centre should be trained in how to keep children cool on a summer's day, there are things you can do as a parent which will help them out. Below is a guide to 3 things you should do when sending your child to daycare during the summer.

Dress your child properly

The clothing you dress your child in can play a vital part in keeping them cool. When the sun is shining, it is important that you dress your kid using thin layers of clothing. This will allow the daycare staff to remove them as the temperature rises and to replace them if it suddenly gets chilly. You should also make sure that your child is wearing a hat to protect the top of their head from the sun. Direct sunlight on the top of the head will increase the risk that your child will overheat and suffer sunstroke. Sunglasses will also help to protect your child's eyes from the intense beams of sunlight which occur on a summer's day.

Pack a water bottle

High temperatures also create a risk that your child will become dehydrated. The daycare centre should supply a range of cool drinks to your child throughout the day, but packing a water bottle for your own kid means you can be sure that they have access to water whenever they need it. If you use the same water bottle every day, it is likely that your child will form an attachment to it and will be more likely to use it on a regular basis.

Use suncream

The many benefits of sunscreen were captured in the classic 1998 Baz Lurman song 'Sunscreen'.  During the Australian summer, it is essential, even if you do not think your child will be spending very long outdoors. Children's skin is very sensitive, and it only takes a short exposure to direct sunlight for their skin to burn. You should apply the sunscreen just before you leave the house with your child. It is best to use a waterproof variety which will protect your child if they are playing on a water slide or with a water pistol.

If you would like further advice about keeping your child cool, you should contact your daycare centre today.