Searching for A Day Care Centre? 5 Tips to Finding the Best one For Your Child

Leaving your little one in the care of another adult is a critical decision that can evoke anxiety. However, a group centre or a family daycare can ensure that your child is looked after well, allowing you to concentrate on your work.. But how do you choose the best centre for your child? Here are some tips.

Seek Recommendations

One of the most reliable indicators of a daycare centre's quality of service is the testimonials of the parents it has served before. Talk to parents who have interacted with the daycare for a period to learn about the more nuanced aspects of the centre that will contribute to shaping your child's development. Talk to your paediatrician for a trusted recommendation alongside testimonials from other parents as well.

Look at the Child Child-Carer Ratio

The ratio of children to the carer in a facility is a useful indicator of the kind of service quality to expect for your child. The Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority set a guideline of one carer for every four children in centres looking after infants between zero to 24 months old.

Children aged 24 to 36 months require a ratio of one carer for every five to six children depending on the state. A good daycare centre will have the appropriate number of staff on hand for best service delivery. This includes family day care centres as well.

Verify Their Credentials

It is essential to confirm that the centre you desire to enrol your young one in is fully accredited and has an up-to-date license.  

Check Whether They Stick to Their Routine

Drop by unannounced at different times of the day on different days to find out whether the centre keeps to its stated routine when caring for the children. If after multiple unexpected visits you find no significant variation between their routine and the current activities, you can depend on their quality of service.

Look into Their Philosophy

Query the centre's staff on various parenting issues like nutrition, sleeping habits, discipline, etc. If there are fundamental differences here between you and the centre, it may not be the most suitable one for your needs.

The daycare centre and carers looking after your child while you are away will impact their development. Excellent childcare is, therefore, a critical service. Look for fully licensed centres that stick to a routine and are known for exceptional service.