Choosing a Day Care Centre

Leaving the care of your child to someone else—especially a stranger—is scary. This is why you need to do your due diligence when researching day care centres to ensure your child is in a safe and warm environment. With the following considerations, you can choose the best day care centre for your child.

Do a thorough search

Location and cost are the first things most parents consider when looking for day care centres. While these aspects narrow down the search, the most important factor to consider is the environment. You can look for day cares online, where you should look at parents' reviews. You can also ask for recommendations from your friends or neighbours. In addition, look at the Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority website to find the quality and assurance ratings of day care centres near you. Ensure you visit a few day cares before making the final decision.

Plan a site visit

A site visit is important, as you get to evaluate the environment in which your child will be cared for in your absence. When visiting a day care centre, look closely at the interactions between the children and the caregivers. In an ideal situation, a caregiver should play with the children, as infants in early years require warm relationships in order to flourish. In addition, look at the ratio of caregivers to children. A small ratio ensures your child can have sufficient interaction with the caregiver. Do not forget to inquire about disciplinary policies, emergency procedures and the daily routine.


Before settling for a day care centre, ensure that the centre is licensed and certified to care for children. While doing a site visit, check their license, and if it is not displayed, ask the manager to show it to you. You should also check on the certification of the caregivers. Many centres require their staff to be trained in early childhood development and education. In addition, look at the enthusiasm of the caregivers. Caregivers should be enthusiastic and patient, as their job requires constant interaction with children.


A day care centre should have a good play-based learning curriculum. It should have a good curriculum that encourages the development of your child. It should have programs that encourage socialisation and learning. Note that different day care centres have different curriculum, so you should inquire about the program before making a choice.

Contact child care centres in your area to learn more.